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$23.00 Height of doll 10.00cm

An owl loved by many people as lucky charm around the world.
Owl is an animal that is considered to be lucky charm all over the world. In Europe, because it looks good at night, because the neck turns well and the surroundings can be overlooked, it is said to be a lucky item of "the world is bright" "business prosperity". Even in Japan, it is said that auspicious is good from the pronunciation of "Fukurou". This is an owl's wood grain doll kit. Characteristics of big eyes, patchy body, owl body, owl are firmly captured. Various pattern of crepe harmoniously. Please create an owl loved by many people as a lucky charm.

Fukurou(Owl) Set List of items

Contents of the kit Contents of the kit
when it's packed when it's packed
*photo: length of the measuring tape in front of the box is 30cm.
Contents of the Fukurou doll kit:
1. The body of the doll
2. Fabrics for Fukurou(Owl)
3. Sawdust (in a plastic bag)
4. "kanbai-ko"(rice-bran glue)
5. Instructions for making (Japanese)

The tools that you'll need to make:
1. White thin glove(an odd glove).
2. A wet cloth or napkin to wipe off the glue of spatula, after each use of the spatula. 3. Glue or bond
4. A small dish for the glue.
5. Scissors -small scissors with sharp blades are the most effective.
6. A small sharp knife (like the one used to for wood engraving) to be used for adjusting the grooves in the body of the ball, if necessary.


$23.00 the height of the doll 10.00cm

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