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When you store the dolls :Protect the dolls from moisture

Protect the dolls from moisture

This is the first and the most important thing to keep your dolls. Please be careful when you choose the place where you put the dolls. The highest place of cabinet or cloSet is recommended, and put the dolls in imperviable cases.
When you put a doll in a box, wrap up the hands and faces with soft paper and fill the gap with colt or paper.

Protecting your doll from moths

If you put your doll in a plastic bag, it should be protected under most circumstances, however dolls that are accompanied by accessories like swords or crowns are susceptible to infestation by moths and other vermin hence it is recommended that you store these accessories together with some kind of moth and/or vermin repellent.
Please note well that in recent times, the hands and some other parts of the dolls may contain plastics or other chemicals, which may or may not have an adverse chemical reaction with the gas released by the moth and/or vermin repellent.
Under these circumstances, discoloration of the doll is a possibility, and therefore it is recommended that the doll itself is kept stored separately from any such moth and/or vermin repellent.

Protecting your doll from dust

Protecting your doll from dust

Dolls will be covered with invisible dusts if it has decorated for some period of time. Dust may cause damage on costume or hair of the doll. Please sweep off the dust with a soft brush or duster from the doll before storing doll.


Dry your doll out of direct sunlight once a year. The hair of dolls might be bent when the doll has kept in a box for a long time, hence, please make sure to check the hair of your doll by then. Kimekomi dolls can be kept almost.

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